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                                 - Lid of screw-top box with undercut C12 flower -

                                                    a variety of Napkin Rings.


        2016 - Lidded Bowl                             2016 - Pencil Pot                    2016 - Pencil Pot - Bamboo

                                                            2016 - Selection

1st Prize - WCoT Open - Fiona Woolf Competition 2014 - on the theme of 'Energy 

for Life in the Square Mile'.    

    for more pictures and the inspirations for this piece   -[click here]-


1st Prize - WCoT Master's Competition 2012 - Pair of Lidded Chalices


3rd Prize - WCoT Open Competition 2012 - Pair of Salt & Pepper Mills


Pair of Salt & Pepper Mills            Winner - F.Howe 2012        Spherical Box


                                Spoof Golfball Box                                          Square pattern Tray           

Newell Post Finial - Oak








           1st Prize - WCoT Master's Competition 2010      Lady G Crawford Gold Medal 2010



Victorian style posy holder in ivory 

Posy holders in ivory and pink ivory                       Ring stand in lignum vitae        'Surprise' box

Rose-turned Square boxes 'flowers' and 'holly' themes and fluted cylindrical box with 3-loop figure in African blackwood  

Circular boxes 'turbo' and 'vortex' themes and another with '4-leaf clovers' in African Blackwood

Rose-turned cube box in African                                                                                                                                 blackwood 'fireworks' theme

Rose-turned box                              Round box 'harvest' theme                             Napkin rings


Set of 4 rose-turned boxes  'sunrise'           Pincushion (partridgewood)           Trinket boxes (Afr.bl.wd)            


 Rose turned dish in boxwood

theme in African blackwood

Rose-turned Tazza in Boxwood                                Rose-turned round box  'holly' theme in   

                                                                                                African blackwood


Rose turned boxes in African blackwood                Rose-turned lidded Chalice in lignum vitae


Pair of Candlesticks in lignum vitae                                          and another pair in green lignum vitae  


           Candlesticks in unknown light coloured wood            Fish pattern in African rosewood  

Rose-turned round box in cocus wood                           Hollow egg in lignum vitae

Elliptical casket in ivory, perspex and                      Rose turned Egg in pink ivory

pink ivory wood

Hollow egg in African blackwood                        Coaster in perspex

 Wassail Bowl (lignum vitae            Vase (Mopane)             Spiral Elliptical box 


Pestle and Mortar in lignum vitae                       Gavel in African blackwood

set of 4 round rose-turned boxes             Gavel & Block in ivory and African blackwood

'stars' theme in African blackwood

box with Barleycorns and two rose-turned boxes in African blackwood



Last modified: January 16, 2015